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Language of BUCKET Love!


“A different language is a different vision of life “

Federico Fellini-Italian Filmmaker

 As we heal our words change?

Discovering the Changes

Discovering the Language of Your BUCKET emptying

In the Total Release Experience® Course you heard what can be summed up using a BUCKET, Diamonds, a TAP and riding the roller coaster, this has risen as a result of how our language has changed thanks to this practice

How will it impact yours?

When Caroline first learnt this practice in 2011 the language she explained it all was complex and trauma focused and about healing.  Using the practice ourselves and integrating it into our weekly routines over years and sharing with many others,  we have discovered that the meaning of this process is for individuals so diverse. We are all unique have unique stories, pasts and living on the same planet but our inner worlds and the worlds around us as individuals are completely different.

On our journey Daniel heard about Acronyms and started to play and as a result our message has evolved into a universal language that sums up the universal ability that we have. We have been able as a result of our language evolving been able to create a simple message for all to understand a greater power of what this practice is.

The latest development is now we focus on the BUCKET love…. Influencing the way we view own journeys, how we perceive our lives and how they are impacting others and how we impact them.   

Changes to look out for

When you started what did you think about the prospect of shaking your stress off? For many it is weird, far too simple, doubtful as to whether it can heal you. Perhaps it was something to checkout and add to your tool kit, or to prove to yourself and those that pointed you in the direction that its doesn’t work.

And Now?

Do you say to yourself,  I do feel better, I am dealing with things differently, I am perceiving things in a different way, I am talking with a new confidence.  Even more positive about what lies ahead and what is going on around you.

The C in the BUCKET acronym is Communication. Full and overfilling BUCKET people talk differently to those that are emptying or have shifted to focusing on their shine. Certainly a wonderful dimension to be curious about what are you saying to yourslef and to those that you meet.

A Reflection Task For You to Explore

Listen to yourself and your views on a topic you remember worried, angered or scared you, what do you say to those subjects now? Follow them and see how it evolves over time.

Why not join the Regular Releasers Facebook group and share any changes and beliefs that you have let go of!.


Two Things To Enhance Your Healing

‘Words can inspire And words can destroy. Choose Yours well’

Robin Sharma.

Making a Word Choice

Taking Control of your Talk

Making the conscious decision to master the way you talk to yourself is a natural development of the practice you are doing. 

The BUCKET and Diamond analogies enable a new classification of what is happening to you that gives you a new control.

As an example, you are shouted at for whatever reason.

Ask yourself:

How you would receive that if you received this before you learnt this practice. What would you say? Perhaps you would react emotionally back and suffer for quite a while afterwards.  “How dare they talk to me like that. Evil, Nasty, not fair!

Now that you know you are a stress-BUCKET? You may categorize it as a BUCKET filling situation.  “Oh dear, I am filling sick with worry, depression what can I do?

Now that you are emptying your BUCKET – You can say to yourself “I will shake that one off when I get home, let that Stress BUCKET let off steam. It is not staying in mine.”

Knowing that your Diamond is coming out to shine and that every opportunity is your chance to shine, what would you say now?  What could you say to show you that you are shining? Perhaps – “Thank you for your feedback, I will work on my ability to improve my approach.  Anything else you would like to talk about?”

By simply looking at the world as full of stress BUCKETs or Diamonds we change the way we talk. 

Changing the way you talk to others will impact how your body receives the message, what language you will receive from others in the future and the message you send out to the world.

Have a play!

A Practice Intention for the Week

“Our Intention Creates our Reality”
Wayne Dyer

As you start the practice say to yourself:

I Release so that You my Body can Heal and We can Be Free from the Past to Embrace a new Future

Make a note in your Journal and maybe you would like to share in the Regular Releasers Facebook group any  session insights.

The words you receive!

What Words do You Fill YOU Up With?

 Paying Attention To What You Hear

An easy way to enhance your healing process is to influence what you hear and what you read.

You can read and listen to the news, disasters around the world, horror movies, sad stories, cynical messages, things that scare you and so on.


you can listen and read stories of how individuals have risen up, enable you to take a different perspective, grow your skills and motivate and excite you.

Others words influence you! They impact your inner world. It is your choice what you read and listen to.

Make that choice – you are on a healing journey – soak up the words that enhance your healing using your eyes and ears.

 A great place to start where Caroline’s words where her Diamond is shining as she shares her story with some amazingly inspirational women in the recent release of Notes to my Younger Self -volume 3. by Kezia Luckett.

Play with Sound

Influencing the Release with a Practical tool

Paying Attention To What You Hear

On Daniel’s journey with this practice and comfort with the practice he discovered that the use of sound can influence how the releasing works and can intensify or move it up the body.

Daniel thanks to a course he visited learnt more about how sound is powerful in healing and we can enhance and it is like the releasing a physical and practical tool to enable us to heal, recover and grow our ability to take greater control over our health.

Based on his learning he started to Humm in his practice playing with the levels and noticed the change in releasing.

You can test it for yourself by Humming with a deeper tone and and and you may notice that the tremors are in the lower body.  And by raising the tone you will sense that tremors move up the body. 

Have a play when you do your next practice. But be aware as you may release emotions that may be too much for you.

To discover how you can use sound and integrate into the practice – Judith Quin, Daniel’s mentor provides an educational online course fro you to learn at home and provides an excellent service to share another power ability you have to heal and build resilience.