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Heal Yourself and Build Resilience

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A lot of individuals feeling a lot better is just a few clicks away


Welcome to the Total Release Experience Online Store

Organisations, Charities Large groups

and those that want to sponsor change.


Our services and products

..created for you to embrace your power with in to heal from your past and build your resilience for the future.

Packages for Groups

We believe the benefits to groups, organisations, institutions and society embracing the physical practice of Releasing shared in the Total Release Experience® has the positive transformational potential to counterbalance the negative impact of the coronavirus.

We have structured the programme and set-up so that your group however big or small can empower the individuals to heal from the past, build resilience from the future and your organisation will naturally benefit from the freed up talents and abilities blocked by the impact of stress, trauma and Corona.



Price Options:

Please click on the clink below to view our current organisational packages.  If your group has larger numbers. Ask and we will adapt to your needs.

Feel it to Heal it

book by Caroline Purvey

Would you like to provoke your group and organisation members to rethink how and what is possible to not just cope but to rethink how they deal with stress.

The Feel it to Heal it book is written to waken the world up to the innate natural ability of what happens when individuals Release the trapped stress and trauma caused by living. 




Price Options:

Bulk purchases of the Feel it to Heal book here.


BUCKET Love Pack of Cards

Start small with the 31 wellbeing activity cards to motivate and support and inspire your group to doing one wonderful activity to look after yours and their BUCKET ( the Human body) on a daily basis.

Great fun to do with lots of positive benefits to do for those in your organisation and group.


Price Options:

Bulk purchases of the “BUCKET Love” cards possible here.

Further Options

For individuals, couples, families and small groups