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Empower Yourself to Heal and Build Resilience

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With The Total Release Experience®  you have a Coronavirus Survival Tool!


Are you feeling the challenges as lock-down is eased?

Are you concerned about your job and loss of income ?

Is your current situation driving you crazy?

Are you feeling stressed and unsure how to deal with it?

Are you feeling anxious about your future?

Hello and thank you for checking in. 

 Are you dealing with stress?  Did you know you hold stress in your body?  It is not until you experience pain or illness that you associate how you feel as being related to your stressful experiences.  

Have you noticed a rise in your anxiety levels? Anxiety leads to depression if left unmanaged it will impact your mental health.   Did you know that you can prevent anxiety from getting out of control? 

There’s no doubt about it – life has changed for us all!  It is hard that you lost your freedom, and maybe  you still have not seen your friends and family. 

The stress of the situation compounded with your past stress, will continue to build tension in your body.   Many complex  health issues can arise from the  inability to release stress.  How good would it feel to  stay calm, collected and grounded in this situation?   How would it feel to know inner peace, be full of energy and just feel happy!

If you want to release your stress and anxiety and build resilience to deal with whatever comes along then talk to us.?

Build Resilience

Learn to build resilience so you are not impacted by every day pressures.

Heal Yourself

 Learn to take back control  of your own health and well-being

Manage Stress

Feel empowered to release  stress & anxiety with ‘No Talking’

Benefits for Life

Discover profound physical, mental and emotional benefits

About The Total Release Experience®

The Total Release Experience®  is an empowering, self-help practice that quickly and effectively releases symptoms of stress, anxiety from your body.  

A ‘no talking’ physical practice so there is no need to recall specific events or the need to re-experience unwanted emotions or memories. It is a safe and gentle way to heal from day-to day or chronic stress, anxiety or depression.

As a result, your body returns to a more calm, relaxed and balanced state.

Once learned you have a life-tool and a tool for life.

‘ Since finishing the course I have noticed that my body feels more balanced which has dramatically reduced my anxiety.  My stress levels have practically disappeared. It is such a lovely feeling knowing I have the Total Release Experience® to use as a tool to help me for the rest of my life. Thank you.’


Taking Control of your Well-being

The Total Release Experience® is for you if you want to take back control of your well-being. You soon discover that you are the only one that can find physical, mental and emotional balance.  Alternatives are expecting someone else to wave a magic wand.  You cannot talk tension out of your body.  Self-medication for temporary relief leads to addictions.  Ignore and do nothing, your health suffers.

The Mighty Psoas

So many are unaware of the existence of the Psoas muscle.  Deep in the body, holding your upper body to your lower body it is like a protective cloak.  Most important it is your fight/flight centre.  It is where you hold fear and emotions.  A lifetime of tension is stored there.

The Total Releases Experience® process activates an involuntary shaking in the muscles that goes deep to the Psoas. You do not use the conscious control of your body or brain that most other relaxation techniques rely upon.  

It is a natural practice that is innate in every human being.  So once learned safely you do not need to rely on anyone else to continue.


Health Benefits

By learning the Total Release you will peel away the layers of tension held deep in your body. You will start to change your life as you release the physical, mental and emotional blocks that stop you from living your life as you would like to. You find FREEDOM.

A Tool for Life

There is no doubt the benefits keep coming from a regular practice. That is what a tool for life is. You have it to keep using to maintain physical, mental and emotional balance.

Regularity ensures you keep building resilience. In this world right now we all need resilience. If you don’t have resilience you will keep stressing your body with more tension. 

Building Resilience

Resilience is the capacity we have to recover quickly from difficulties.  There has never been more difficult times than we are enduring right now.  If your stress and anxiety levels have increased which we know it has for thousands, then you most certainly are not going to find it easy when you come out of the lock-down scenario we are all in.

It is so easy to let go of the stress and anxiety and discover resilience in a way you have never known.  We know resilience, we hope you discover it too.


About Caroline

CEO of TRE UK® Caroline Purvey is a passionate, inspirational, author and award winning global change-maker. Carolineand her team can empower you to find physical, mental and emotional balance by releasing stress and anxiety and build resilience.

Voted Time Out Top 10 of 100 Women to Watch in Well-being in 2019.

Her work is recommended by Dr’s, Psychologists and other Professionals and has been adopted by Kent Fire & Rescue, Police and the Prison Service.  New Online Courses open up the learning opportunity for all at a time when self-help is needed more than ever.


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‘The Total Release Experience® is an exciting treatment for the release of trauma energy trapped in the body.  Despite years of international research in the field of trauma evidence shows that talking therapies alone are not enough to recover someone from a trauma event, however, despite the evidence talking therapies are the primary source of treatment used in the UK.  Without removing trauma energy that is trapped in the body a person will not fully recover and continually talking about one’s trauma has the ability to re-traumatize them and in some cases can make a person worse.

The energy releasing programme delivered by TRE UK®, once learned, has the ability to slowly process trauma safely at a pace a person can cope with.  It is a healthier more direct way of releasing trauma that is held in the body.  Having worked with TRE UK® now for many years I have seen the benefits of this practice and the release and relief this can give to clients’ suffering the debilitating effects of this disorder.’

Mandy Bostwick MSc, MA MBACP, ISSTD  Specialist Trauma Psychotherapist

The relaxation it brings is immediate after a ‘session. So much so that I slept for 2 hours afterward on a couple of occasions! I think it has helped me to stay calm when facing the usual stresses of work and family life with 3 teenagers.  Slowly however other changes became apparent-I started that diet I had been avoiding for 3 years and have lost 11 lb. I am much more energized, focussed and creative than I have been for years which is really great.

It is rare in medicine to come across something that is potentially so cost-effective, that is safe and that teaches the patient to be self-reliant.  It was also refreshing to see a local Pain Consultant recommending it as it ‘ fits very well with our bio-psycho-social model of pain management’.  As doctors, we desperately need something other than medication they may not need or counseling that is more expensive.  The future looks very exciting!’

Dr Alison Graham

‘Whilst I’ve certainly had my fair share of lifestyle traumas, I wouldn’t have considered myself as someone laden down with them day to day…for sure they pop up every now and again, but don’t they all…

 l noticed subtle changes from the outset but more remarkably as the weeks progressed, things just seemed to be happening in my personal life that I couldn’t put my finger on…day to day issues just seemed to disappear…nothing seemed to be going wrong and old issues just seemed to be washing away leaving room for a more focused and fresher outlook to be cast on everything.

During one session I honestly felt like I was being purged of any physical and psychological ailments that had arisen from the week leaving me free to tackle the week ahead. The Total Release Experience® must be testament to the fact that it grabbed my attention enough and that it most definitely has a place in our modern hectic lifestyles’.

Darren – Businessman Kent

“Having 1-1 online sessions also meant they could be held at a time convenient for me which fitted better with my hectic schedule during the day and looking after my daughter in the evenings. Caroline was always extremely accommodating.

I would most definitely recommend the 1-1 online TRE UK ® Course to anyone, it did not detract or have any adverse impact on getting the absolute most out of the sessions. It was actually really nice to just have time set aside to focus on me, at a time that was set by me. These days, this in itself is a rare thing.

I have continued with the practice on my own following the  sessions with Caroline and it continues to offer such opportunity for shifting energy and trauma in a way that nothing else I have tried has been able to access.

KD – Health Worker, London 

“I wish there had been TRE when I was teaching full time and bringing up three children. It would have helped so much. I was a little apprehensive before the treatment began but with the help of Caroline’s kind and reassuring manner, I actually began to enjoy it and looked forward to the next session. Tremors varied from week to week and quite often had an emotional effect relating to childhood sadness. However, I always felt comfortable with this release. I will continue the practice at home.

The benefits were almost immediate: Better sleep, less inhibited about lots of things, no headaches, more energy, a feeling of being centered and ready to listen. Since this experience, I’m sure I have had more moments of sheer ‘JOY’ in my life”.

Maggie – Kent

‘I would recommend the Total Release Experience to EVERYBODY, man, woman, and child. It is a thoroughly effective technique that is empowering and healing. It is not always easy to do, it can be challenging when it brings up memories we have forgotten and seem illogical to those who want to pin down how it works, but the rewards in trusting your body through this work are so immense, that it is simply a gift that none of us should live without’ 

Leia – Bristol University

Online Courses

At TRE UK®, now more than ever, we understand the importance of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

There is nothing more powerful than allowing your body to do the talking. You let go of deep-held tensions, stress, and anxiety without the need to talk or take medication.  You rediscover yourself and build resilience.

Discover freedom from physical, mental, and emotional pain.

We are delighted to be able to offer you the Total Release Experience® with our Online Courses. 

There are two options to choose from:

Total Release Experience® Complete Online Course for Stress and Anxiety Release.

Total Release Experience® 1-2-1 Online Course for Stress and Anxiety Release which includes guided practice sessions with our most qualified practitioners via Zoom.

Learn How To Release Stress and Anxiety Complete Online Course

In this course, our experienced practitioner team will educate and guide you through presentations and videos, and three audio practical sessions.

An empowering 5-Step course you can learn in the comfort of your own home. 

You will learn how to safely and naturally release symptoms from stress and anxiety bringing life-changing benefits physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Learn How To Release Stress and Anxiety Practitioner Led 1-2-1 Online Course

With this Course, our experienced practitioner will guide you through our, empowering 5-Step programme in the comfort of your own home.  

With access to your learning platform providing all the education, and downloadable resources to support your practice you will learn how to safely and naturally release symptoms from stress and anxiety.

You will be empowered to take back control of your own well-being, and gaining physical, mental and emotional freedom.




Find Your Balance. Heal Yourself.

Take Time To Relax. Take Back Control.

Inside The Total Release Experience Online Course, You Will Learn To:

  • Take back control of your own well-being

  • Release stress and anxiety

  • Find physical, mental and emotional balance

  • Build resilience