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Affiliate Updates

Together we make a greater difference

Affiliate Programme Launched

Working Together Makes the Difference

We are excited to announce that we have created a system that enables us to offer you an opportunity as a partner to share and earn.  In so doing you can reinvest in your own health, your personal growth, sponsor others and follow your dreams.

Now that we have an online programme we are able to provide a way that individuals all over the world can learn this practice as we share our message – the one that you learned.

Technology enables us not only to reach out globally but to gift you for your sharing so that you benefit. 

About the System

The system is set-up so that you have links to share and with your friends, family, clients, and contacts.  When they invest in their health through one of our courses you will receive a commission that will be paid to your account (Bank or PayPal) at the month-end on completed transactions from the  16th of the previous month to the 15th of the following month.

We have set up 4 different levels which you will progress through as you share with more and more connections. Level progression occurs at the end of each month and is calculated based on your accumulated paid recommendations since becoming an affiliate.

5% Level – This is the starter level for up to 9 recommended individuals enroll.

10% Level – when 10 recommended individuals enroll.

15% Level – when 20 recommended individuals enroll.

20% Level – when 40 recommended individuals enroll.

The recommendations are tracked by the software we use to manage the programme.  Commission is automatically calculated and connected to your link that is used to make the purchase, based on the cookies applied when an individual clicks on your link.  If they purchase however via another machine like a telephone or tablet that hasn’t got your link cookie on it then it will not work and the commission will not be allocated to you but the link of another.

The validity of the link is 100 days.

An additional bonus –   Recommend other affiliates will earn you an extra 5% on their recommendations. An additional passive income for you.

Another opportunity for you – If you would like to sponsor or buy and sell our programme on a larger scale you can purchase packs of 10 or 50 vouchers of the online programme to share with others.   You can buy bulk purchase coupons and they will be added to your personal account for an exclusive voucher that you can pass onto others and they can access the course once they have gone through the purchasing process.  By using your affiliate link you will be able to monitor how many have used this process.  There are no commissions on these purchases. However, you can choose to sell at any price that supports your contacts.

We will continue to add to our message so that it becomes easier for you to motivate and encourage others to consider investing in their own well-being.

Any questions please connect with Daniel – daniel@treuk.com